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Carmelo Anthony: Five Comps

Taking into account player performance over the last two NBA seasons here are five guys who are roughly as valuable as Carmelo Anthony.  Numbers included are offense only so for the sake of this post defense is totally ignored.

These are players with similar shooting, rebounding, passing and ball control attributes to ‘Melo:

Player            ORB% AST% TOV%  TS%
Blake  Griffin      8.2 19.5 12.3 .578
Kevin  Love         9.0 19.6 10.2 .568
David  Lee          8.7 14.0 13.0 .563
Carmelo  Anthony    5.8 15.0  9.4 .561
Paul  Millsap       7.9 15.3 12.6 .547
Tim  Duncan         8.0 15.8 12.4 .545

A Quick Slant on Clips/Warriors Game One

After the Clippers home loss to the Andrew Bogut-less Warriors most people are talking about Blake Griffin fouling out.  Of course when your second best player logs only 19 minutes that is not a good sign.  But the refs were not going against LAC.

Oakland was called for 27 fouls while Doc Rivers‘ squad got hit for only 24.  This lead to LA shooting ten more free throws in the game.

Also, Blake’s back-up Glen Davis played well enough that LA still could have won.

The real problem was Jamal Crawford‘s shot turning ice cold and the Clips allowing David Lee and Jermaine O’Neal to eat them up inside (14-of-20 shooting in the paint).

More Love for “McBob”

OK, so I’ve written a lot about Josh McRoberts this year.  But now that Joakim Noah is getting all this (well deserved) attention it’s my duty to promote the second best passing big man in the NBA.

Noah’s 25% assist rate this year is off the charts for a pivot man but the Bobcats main dish server is close behind at 22%.  This is about two points ahead of Kevin Love and nearly four ahead of Blake Griffin.

Also, McBob’s 4-to-1 assist/turnover rate is extremely helpful to Charlotte’s offense.  The Bobcats are +5 points/100 possessions with McRoberts on the court versus him riding the pine.  This is nearly the difference between the scoring attacks of the Indiana Pacers and the Philadelphia 76’ers.

A Lopsided Night in L.A.

The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the 76ers by 45-points Monday night. The score was 100-51 at the end of the third quarter.

For Philly, Spencer Hawes played 23 minutes, took 8 shots and scored zero points.

The Clippers Blake Griffin played 25 minutes, took 14 shots and scored 26 points.

This was the fifth time Blake has played 25 minutes or less in an NBA game.  His 26 points and 11 rebounds Monday night were both career bests in these games.

Thirty and Ten, the Point Guard Version

In the Washington Wizards home loss to Cleveland Friday night John Wall went for 32 points and 10 assists. With 5 rebounds and only 3 turnovers it was no fault of Wall’s that Washington fell one game under .500.

This was just the second NBA game the Kentucky alum posted at least 30 points and 10 assists.  The last coming in a double OT loss to the Clippers three years ago.  LA’s Blake Griffin went for 33 points, 10 assists and 17 rebounds in that game.

Back to this season, here are the players with the most games of 30+ points & 10+ assists:

Hire Vinny Del Negro

Let us not forget that the 2013 Los Angeles Clippers won 56 games under coach Vinny Del Negro.  Lamar Odom played all 82 games for the Clippers last season and averaged 11 rebounds/36 minutes.

Del Negro won the Pacific Division crown while conserving the legs of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin (each played 33 minutes/game).  The former NC State star has coached five seasons in the NBA and had just one losing season.  Notwithstanding the falling out between Coach and CP3 there is little reason that Vinny doesn’t get another head coaching job in 2014.

David Lee’s Don’t Grow On Trees

I feel like the Oakland Golden State Warriors get a bad wrap for the David Lee contract they agreed to four years ago.  At the time signing a guy to a 6-year, $80 million deal who averaged only 11 points per game in college and was drafted 30th overall sounded crazy.

The Warriors saw Lee as a 20 & 10 guy.  Is $13 million per year an overpay for the prime years of a 20/10 guy?  I think not.

So how has Lee paid off two-thirds through his monster deal?  Try 18 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists per game to go with 56% True Shooting.  Plus he was the second best player on a team that won 47 games and Oakland’s first playoff series since the Don Nelson era.

This year Mark Jackson has David Lee playing as a top-ten big guy in the NBA.  As per Boxscoregeeks.com Lee has more Wins Produced than Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan, Roy Hibbert, DeMarcus Cousins and Paul Millsap.  Would you say those guys are worth $13 million this year?