Steph Curry Meets K.J.

Stephen Curry‘s all-NBA performance this year has little precedent. His combination of scoring, shooting efficiency, passing and ball control has been incredible.

Here is what Curry is doing this season:

24 points/game, 60% true shooting, 40% assist rate, 16% turnover

The most similar season I could find in NBA history is from 1991.  Phoenix Suns point guard Kevin Johnson was leading his team to 55 wins while on his way to 2nd team all-NBA.  Here is K.J.’s ’91:

22 points/game, 60% true shooting, 41% assist rate, 16% turnover

It’s interesting to note that Johnson was such a great shooter despite not making three’s.  How did he do it?  In 1991 he made the fifth most foul shots in the NBA.


Great Shooting Bigs

The Cleveland Cavaliers Spencer Hawes is sinking three ball’s left and right this year.  In fact the Cavs’ new center is tracking Dirk Nowitzki‘s best long range shooting season very closely.

Hawes, 2014 – 114 made three’s, 41% 3-PT FG

Dirk, 2006 – 110 made three’s, 41% 3-PT FG

More Blocks Than Fouls

We have written before that nearly all post defenders commit more fouls than shots they block.   Milwaukee Bucks second year man John Henson went the first few months of this season with a near one-to-one ratio.  He has since slipped and committed about fifty more fouls than blocks through almost sixty games.

So which NBA players are blocking more shots than fouls this year?  Just one man, Tim Duncan.  The Spurs center has 122 blocks and 118 fouls.

The only other players who are close to Duncan are Serge Ibaka and Anthony Davis.  Each has fewer than twenty more fouls than blocks.

The Two Overachieving Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are 15-25 since Al Horford went down with a pectoral injury the day after Christmas.  Elton Brand, Pero Antic and Gustavo Ayon have done their best to fill in for the former all-star center but they simply haven’t been able to fill the gap.

The two Hawks who have been great this season are the relatively underpaid Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll.  The two have combined for 17 ‘wins produced’ as per Box Score Geeks.  At a combined salary of around $9 million the front office has gotten more than they expected from their two starting wings.

Fortunately for Atlanta fans both guys are under contract for next year at less than $9 million total.  If Al Horford comes back healthy 2015 should be a really nice season for the Atlanta Hawks.

Andre Drummond Chasing….Barkley

After making 9-of-10 shot attempts on Monday in a win over the Utah Jazz, Pistons center Andre Drummond has three games this year of 9 field goals and 90% shooting from the floor.  I thought this could be some sort of record-thingy, well almost.

Most games in a single-season with 9 field goals and 90% FG since 1986:

Charles Barkley*
Tyson Chandler
Andre Drummond
Nene Hilario
Dwight Howard
Shawn Kemp
Chris Webber
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NBA History: Worthy to Faried

Through three NBA season Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried has posted a 56% effective field goal rate.  The former late first round draft pick has averaged double-digit points while shooting over 55% eFG each of his pro-seasons.

How many guys in NBA history can boast 10 points/game and 55% eFG each of their first three years?  Only four.

Faried, Shaquille O’Neal, Jeff Ruland and James Worthy.

Some very interesting comps to the “Manimal” in there.  Could he peak as a Big Game James type star?

Magic, Michael and MCW

The bright spot in Philly this season is rookie Michael Carter-Williams.  Despite his shooting woes MCW is contributing to the team in a variety of ways.  Most impressively the former Syracuse Orange is already a very good passer, rebounder and defender.

The very short list of rookies who achieved an assist rate of 25%, rebound rate of 9% and 100 steals:

Totals Advanced
Player Season Tm MP STL TRB% AST%
Michael Carter-Williams 2013-14 PHI 2024 110 9.3 29.8
Rajon Rondo 2006-07 BOS 1831 128 9.5 26.3
Nate McMillan 1986-87 SEA 1972 125 9.2 35.5
Michael Jordan* 1984-85 CHI 3144 196 9.8 25.3
Magic Johnson* 1979-80 LAL 2795 187 11.6 25.2
Alvan Adams 1975-76 PHO 2656 121 14.9 27.2
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