NBA Record Breaker: Steph Curry

The NBA season is only halfway over and Warriors guard Stephen Curry already broke a record.  Dell’s son has made 789 career three-pointers.  Earlier this month Steph passed Ben Gordon for the most made three’s in a players first five NBA seasons.

The current Bobcat, Gordon made 770 three’s in his first five years (all with the Bulls).  The next five years have not been totally kind to the former UConn Huskie as he made a total of 365 threes since leaving Chicago.

The only other players in NBA history to hit 700+ three’s during their first five seasons are Nick Van Exel and Kyle Korver.

The league’s all-time career leader in made three’s Ray Allen had 699 in his first five years.  Based on these four names Steph Curry could end up with a wide range of career outcomes.


Giving Kris Humphries His Due

The Boston Celtics most productive player this season has been Kris Humphries.  That might sound a little strange but according to he is posting a +5 Simple Rating this year, in the same league as Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap.

Since Brad Stevens’ team is loaded with power forwards the former Golden Gopher provides rest for Brandon Bass and Jared Sullinger.  A quick and dirty comparison between the three follows.

Rebounds/36 minutes: Humphries – 11, Sullinger – 11, Bass – 8

True Shooting Percentage: Humphries – 57%, Bass – 54%, Sullinger – 49%

Blocked Shots: Bass – 48, Humphries – 40, Sullinger – 25

Personal Fouls: Sullinger – 157, Bass – 123, Humphries – 80

and finally, Player Efficiency Rating: Humphries – 19, Sullinger – 17, Bass – 15

The Eighth Great Passing Big Man of Recent Memory

I’ve written before how Josh McRoberts has added his name to the short list of great passing big men.  Since that post in December the Bobcats power forward is still running a 4-to-1 assist/turnover rate.  He seems legit.

After the Chicago Bulls victory in San Antonio on Wednesday I can no longer ignore their center Joakim Noah.  Dishing out a game high 8 assists to teammates Jimmy Butler, Carlos Boozer and D.J. Augustin the former Florida Gator has been the staple in the Bulls offense.  In the absence of Derrick Rose and with Luol Deng traded to Cleveland Joakim Noah has been wonderful.

  1. Noah leads all Bulls in total assists this season.
  2. Noah leads all NBA centers in assists/minute.
  3. Noah increased his assists this year while decreasing turnovers.

NBA History: Dallas Mavericks and Free Throws

Trivia history was made in the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Rockets on Wednesday.  Dirk Nowitzki and Vince Carter combined to make 21-of-22 free throws.  With ten made foul shots Vinsanity passes Detlef Schrempf to move into 48th on the NBA career free throws made list.

Dirk’s eleven made foul shots move him ahead of Charles Barkley into 12th all time.  He needs just fifteen more to tie-Allen Iverson.

NBA Rewind: January 1994, The Month of Harold Ellis

Exactly twenty years ago tonight the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves 103-93.  With both teams headed for the draft lottery there wasn’t a lot to expect from the game.

Undrafted Clippers rookie Harold Ellis was playing just his eleventh NBA game.  Ellis is the primary reason L.A. forced twenty-one Minnesota turnovers.  Christian Laettner alone had six turns which would equal the number of steals Harold Ellis made in just 29 minutes.  Ron Harper would score 31 points and pull down 8 rebounds in the victory.

You may remember Ellis for his performances in his first week in the league.  In his third and fourth NBA game he went off to average 26 points and 3.5 steals while pretty much not missing a shot.  His six steal game against Minnesota was his third with 5+ steals in his first eleven NBA games.

The OKC Thunder’s New Asset

Not to take anything away from OKC’s star point guard Russell Westbrook but the team has been really good in his absence.  Obviously Kevin Durant having 100% control of the squad plays a big factor in their success.

Let’s also credit the more than steady play of backup point Reggie Jackson.  He has started all 18 games since Westbrook went down and scored 15 points/night.  His 5 assists and 2.5 turnovers per game are very good for a second string player.  Throw in 4 rebounds and we have a Thunder team that has gone 13-5 with the former Boston College star running point.

Los Angeles Lakers: Inside Scoring Attack

The Lakers have three big men capable of scoring inside.  Pau Gasol is their obvious threat (19 points/36 mins).  Mike D’Antoni also has back-up center Chris Kaman (18 pts/36) and power forward Jordan Hill (16 pts) at his disposal.

Kaman and Hill play between 17 and 20 minutes per night while Pau plays 32.  The three bigs score roughly the same amount of points but Gasol plays the most minutes and has the lowest True Shooting Percentage (51%).

Zooming in on inside scoring skills using’s shot charts we see more separation between the three. Gasol makes 53% of his inside shot attempts (less than 8 feet from the basket).  Chris Kaman converts on 55% of his close attempts.  Finally Jordan Hill makes 61% of his close shots!

It’s not like Hill only takes easy layups, he makes nearly 6 close shots/36 minutes.  Just from a volume scoring perspective Hill is better than teammates Wesley Johnson and Ryan Kelly.  Also per shot attempt Jordan Hill gets to the foul line much more frequently than Gasol and Kaman.

The bottom line is that LA needs help scoring.  Playing Jordan Hill boosts their inside scoring presence.