Jerry “Stat-house” #Nets

The Brooklyn Nets should enjoy this while it lasts.  1993 McDonald’s All-American Jerry Stackhouse is killing it for New Jersey Brooklyn this short season.

Through 9 games “Stat” has a 69% True Shooting and 1.5 Points/Shot.

Compare this to a career 52% TS and 1.25 P/S.

Fellow ’93 All-American Jacque Vaughn is in his 3rd season as a coach in the NBA.


Kwame Brown has a player option for next year?!?!

Presented from Basketball Reference without comment:


Team 2012-13 2013-14
Philadelphia 76ers $2,819,044 $2,945,901
  • Signed July 20, 2012 for an assumed $5,764,945 for 2 years.
  • 2013-14 is a Player Option.

Except this comment…

We have watched this project for eleven years.  What has the league gotten so far?  A peak performance an entire decade ago with:

11 PPG/7 RPG/0.7 BPG/49% shooting

The Sixers are the seventh team to offer Kwame Brown a job, and a pretty, pretty, pretty good job at that.

The over/under is 82 games played during the entire 24 months that Philly will be paying Brown.


Defense first teams have underwhelmed

The first month of the NBA season has produced four top flight defensive teams:

Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers & Orlando Magic

Yet it turns out that the overall record of these teams is just 23-23.

Unfortunately these sound defensive squads have had to face offensive juggernauts called the Knickerbockers and Heat.

As we are only 14% through the season the W/L records will likely change.  My guess is that point prevention will win out and all four of these teams will capture a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

The University of Utah presents the 10th all-time assist man

With apologies to Tom Chambers and Keith Van Horn we can safely say that the best NBA player out of the University of Utah is not who you would expect.

The schools’ had 9 players picked among the first 10 in NBA Draft history.  Utah has even had two #1 overall selections.  Andrew Bogut was first overall in 2005 while fellow center Bill McGill was picked 6 slots ahead of John Havlicek “Stole The Ball” in 1962.

For fun, let’s compare the NBA career stat lines of two 6’10” forwards:


18            6       54

16            7       53

As you may have guessed these lines belong to 20,000 point scorer, Chambers and two-time All-American, Van Horn.

While both these guys fulfilled their potential in The League we have an unexpected addition to the top 10 all-time assist list.  He was chosen 8th overall between Rip Hamilton and Shawn Marion in the stacked 1999 Draft.  As the modern day iron-man this point guard has played every game in nine of his 13 seasons.  In the four other years he has played 80, 80, 81, 81 games.  That’s a games played rate of 99.4%.

Thanks to his durability he has accumulated some impressive numbers under the radar:

14,804 PTS (127th all-time in NBA)

4,260 REB

7,521 AST (10)

1,398 STL (46)

3,726 FTM (79)

9 Triple-Doubles (27)

Ty Lawson couldn’t ask for a better tutor during his first few years running the point in the pros.  Of course we are referring to the always reliable, vastly under-rated Andre Miller, the best pro to come out of Utah.