Hassan Whiteside’s Historic Double-Double

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is doing some incredible things this year.  Not the least of which is averaging a double-double.  “Lots of guys can post ‘ten and ten’ over the course of a season” you say.  Well that’s true but can they accomplish the feat while playing part-time?


Except for Whiteside.  He is attempting to become the first NBA player in more than a half-century to average 10 points and 10 rebounds while playing less than 24 minutes per night.

Player                           Season       Tm     G     Mins     PTS     REB    MPG

Hassan Whiteside   2014-15   MIA  38    860     11.0      9.9      22.6

Johnny Green           1960-61   NYK  78 1784     10.2    10.7     22.9

Ray Felix                     1957-58   NYK  72 1709     12.2    10.4     23.7

Chuck Share              1954-55   MLH  69 1685     11.9    9.9       24.4


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