The year SF traded a five time All-Star

The ’62 Philadelphia Warriors were coached by Frank McGuire during his only pro season.  He played Chamberlain 48 MPG and Gola, Arizin, Rodgers, Attles and Meschery 31-41 minutes each.  They went 49-31 in the regular season then pushed the Celtics to 7 games in the Eastern Finals losing by 2 points on the road to the eventual champions.  With Wilt in his 3rd year this is probably when some of the “loser” speak began.

Philly moved to San Fran the following season and bombed.  Their W-L record flipped under new coach Bob Feerick.  They traded away Tom Gola in December to the lowly Knicks for Kenny Sears and Willie Nauls.  The core Warriors were Wilt, Rodgers and Meschery.  You could argue this was the big guy’s worst season and the only of 14 in which his team missed the playoffs.

Here are the categories in which he led the NBA in 1963:

  1. Minutes/Game (47.6)
  2. Field Goal % (.528)
  3. Points/Game (44.8)
  4. Rebounds/Game (24.3)
  5. Player Efficiency Rating (31.8)
  6. Win Shares (20.9)

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