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Atlanta Hawks: Devin Harris or Jeff Teague?

The Atlanta Hawks strength is their defense.  The second place Hawks arw led by their big guys Josh Smith and Al Horford but they are a solid all-around defensive team.  This post will focus on their point guards.

Jeff Teague plays 33 minutes/game compared to just 25 minutes for backup Devin Harris.  Should this be the case?

Jeff Teague shoots and allows opposing point guards a 50% effective Field Goal Percentage.   Teague who ranks 8th in the NBA in steals forces his opposition point into 3.6 turnovers/game.

Devin Harris shoots 53% eFG as a point guard and allows just 48% eFG.  Harris is a better shooter than Teague and is a little better at preventing made baskets by opposing PGs.  Teague has a slight advantage in free throws made.  He has improved a lot at the foul line this season (2.6 FTM/game and 88% FT Pct).

Back to the defensive end, Harris forces 4.4 turnovers/game.  The former 5th overall draft pick also out-rebounds the starter Teague.

So far it seems that coach Drew could consider a switch for the playoff run.  Let’s check their on/off stats to be sure.

Team Points Scored/100 Possessions: Harris 108, Teague 106

Team Points Allowed/100 Possessions: Harris 102, Teague 105.

I will admit that Teague being 5 years younger has more long-run upside than Harris but if the Hawks want to win a playoff series or two this year they may want get Devin Harris on the court some more.