The Mavs’ Inside Presence

Mavs’ center Samuel Dalembert has played very well through three playoff games against the Spurs.  The Seton Hall alum leads the team in rebounds and blocks.  Plus he’s made all seven of his free throw attempts.

With Dirk Nowitzki struggling to find his shot Dallas needs Dalembert to get them second chance points and fill the paint on defense.  With Sam playing this well Rick Carlisle‘s team still has a fighting chance to beat the best team in the NBA.


One thought on “The Mavs’ Inside Presence”

  1. Dalembert and Wright have beenreally effective for the Mavs in this series and that will need to continue. Even DeJuan Blair has provided critical rebounds and putback shots in this series. It’s been a great series so far. Check out my thoughts on game 3 if you have a minute: Unbelievable finish to an incredible game. I posted about this as well at my blog so please check it out if you get a minute:

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