Five Reasons Pacers Fans Shouldn’t Worry

Despite the Indiana Pacers going just 3-8 over the past three weeks I’m not writing them off.  Here are five reasons Pacers fans shouldn’t worry:

  1. Frank Vogel’s team is the best defensive squad in the NBA.  If defense wins championships then Indiana has a good shot at the title.
  2. Depth.  Indiana gets all-star caliber play from both guard spots (Lance Stephenson, George Hill) and both forward’s (Paul George, David West).
  3. Upside.  Their worst starter is Roy Hibbert who is a 27 year old, two time all-star and the best rim protector in the NBA.
  4. Overall body of work.  The Pacers have won more games this year than the Rockets, Trail Blazers and Warriors.
  5. Experience.  Vogel and these same five starters were 11-8 in last years playoffs losing a game seven to the champion Miami Heat.

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