NBA MVP: Best Player on the Best Team?

The most valuable players in the NBA this year are LeBron James (19 wins produced) and Kevin Durant (20 wins).  You can pick your poison.

One thing we shouldn’t hear from NBA MVP voters is “He’s the best player on the best team”.  Why?  Because neither the Heat or Thunder are the best team.  That honor goes to the San Antonio Spurs.

Gregg Popovich’s Spurs have five more wins than every other team in the league.  So for argument sake who is their best player?  While Tim Duncan is having another excellent season he isn’t San Antonio’s MVP.  That honor goes to third year forward Kawhi Leonard.

The San Diego State product is over 60% True Shooting this year while playing great defense on multiple positions.  Finally, without Leonard in the lineup San Antonio is 8-7 this year.  With Kawhi they are 52-10.

I’m not arguing that a Spur should win the MVP but it is clear that the 2014 NBA MVP will not come from the best team.


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