Steph Curry Meets K.J.

Stephen Curry‘s all-NBA performance this year has little precedent. His combination of scoring, shooting efficiency, passing and ball control has been incredible.

Here is what Curry is doing this season:

24 points/game, 60% true shooting, 40% assist rate, 16% turnover

The most similar season I could find in NBA history is from 1991.  Phoenix Suns point guard Kevin Johnson was leading his team to 55 wins while on his way to 2nd team all-NBA.  Here is K.J.’s ’91:

22 points/game, 60% true shooting, 41% assist rate, 16% turnover

It’s interesting to note that Johnson was such a great shooter despite not making three’s.  How did he do it?  In 1991 he made the fifth most foul shots in the NBA.


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