Winning With Swingmen

Only four guys have averaged 6 rebounds and 5 assists per game this NBA season.  Notice the correlation of winning teams and all-star caliber swingmen:

Totals Shooting Per Game
Player Tm G 2P% 3P% TRB AST
LeBron James MIA 52 .638 .366 7.1 6.5
Kevin Durant OKC 56 .547 .403 7.7 5.5
Nicolas Batum POR 56 .570 .342 6.4 5.3
Lance Stephenson IND 53 .554 .338 7.3 5.2
Provided by View Original Table Generated 2/25/2014.

According to ‘Wins Produced‘ at Box Score Geeks KD, LeBron, Lance and Batum are four of the five best 2/3’s in the NBA.  Trevor Ariza fills out the handful with one more win produced than Paul George.


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