In Favor of Vince Carter’s HOF Case

High-flying Vince Carter is a classic borderline hall-of-fame candidate.  You are familiar with the case against him but the UNC alum is one of the dozen all-time great basketball talents.  In addition to Carter’s elite athleticism and skill he has added longevity.

Through sixteen NBA seasons Vince Carter has made 1,754 three-point field goals.  Earlier this year he passed sharpshooter Dale Ellis, a previous record holder for career three’s, to move into ninth place in NBA history.

Carter has more career three’s than:

In addition to the high volume of three’s Carter shot over 40% from beyond the arc four times in his career.  For someone famous for more than his outside shooting ability Vince Carter has been a really, really good outside shooter.  Just something to remember when considering him for Springfield.


3 thoughts on “In Favor of Vince Carter’s HOF Case”

  1. You are definitely right about Carter being the classic borderline hall-of-fame candidate.

    Very interesting regarding his success with 3 pointers. I wasn’t aware of that.

    I wondered myself lately whether he deserved to be in the HOF or not. And one thing that came to my head, that I hope the selectors also consider, is that he was more than his stats from 98 -2001. He kind of transcended the NBA at the time, the way Dr. J did with his high flying antics. It was nothing anyone had ever seen before, and we haven’t really seen it since other than a few flashes by Blake Griffin. So although his stats are mediocre for HOF, I hope the impact he had on the game with his dunking is considered.

    1. I agree AZ, Carter’s early years in the NBA were must-see TV. For a brief while he was right there with Shaq as the league’s biggest star. Just after Jordan and just before Kobe the case can be made that the most exciting and popular player was Vince.

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