Volume Scorers Can Be Efficient Too

The 42 point outburst by LeBron James in Dallas this week was a sight to see.  He was all over the court, driving, dunking on people and making three-pointers.

In addition to pouring in the points LeBron was highly efficient.  He was the first player in the NBA to score 40+ points and shoot 70% from the floor in a game since Al Jefferson last April.

Find the full list below of players who scored over forty and made 7/10 of their shots over the last two seasons:

Rk Player Date Tm FGA FG% PTS
1 Paul Pierce 2012-12-19 BOS 16 .813 40
2 James Harden 2012-11-02 HOU 19 .737 45
3 James Harden 2013-02-20 HOU 19 .737 46
4 Al Jefferson 2013-04-12 UTA 27 .704 40
5 LeBron James 2014-02-18 MIA 23 .696 42
6 Carmelo Anthony 2013-04-02 NYK 26 .692 50
Provided by Basketball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 2/19/2014.

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