The Best Offensive Rebounder Since Rodman

My love of offensive rebounding has shined through multiple times before.  In the Detroit Pistons loss to Charlotte last night second year man Andre Drummond hauled in 22 missed shots including 11 Detroit misses.  The Bobcats held the Pistons to just 40% shooting so their was plenty of opportunity for the former UConn star.

For the season this was Drummond’s fourth game with ten or more offensive rebounds.  No other NBA player has more than one such game this year.  While he won’t catch the great season Jayson Williams had in ’98, Drummond has a good chance of joining Williams and Dennis Rodman as the only players in the last three decades to have more than six games of ten+ offensive boards in a single-season.

Put another way Andre Drummond is one of the three best offensive rebounders since Moses Malone was cleaning glass in the early ’80’s.


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