Detroit Pistons: Unbalanced Production

With the news that the Detroit Pistons have fired their coach Maurice Cheeks, let’s review their player-by-player production this season.  It’s actually pretty simple.

The Joe Dumars assembled Pistons have won twenty-one games.  According to Wins Produced at Box Score Geeks Detroit has five players who account for half of those wins.  There is one other player* on their roster who accounts for the other half.  

After fifty games coached how much of this unbalanced production do you think is the fault of coach Cheeks?  In addition to their elite center Andre Drummond I do think that Greg Monroe has the potential to be a perennial all-star.

Overall, Dumars had a great run in Detroit but if after more than a decade the team has at best two above average players it may be time for a change in management.

*Drummond is not only the Pistons MVP but he is at least a 2nd team all-NBA center.


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