Miami Heat: Scattered Greatness

There is a feel of scattered greatness around this Miami Heat team.  Erik Spoelstra runs the second best offensive team in the NBA but Miami is just average defensively.  Looking at the Miami Heat’s Four Factors (developed by Dean Oliver) there is much craziness to be seen.

On offense Miami is:

  • By far the best shooting team in the NBA (56% effective Field Goal Percentage!)
  • The worst offensive rebounding team in the NBA
  • A very poor ball control team (second highest turnover percentage)
  • Good at getting points at the foul line

The defense is a little less spastic but still interesting, the Heat are:

  • By far the best team at forcing turnovers
  • A below average defensive rebounding unit
  • Poor at preventing their opponents shots from going in the basket (51% eFG)
  • Just below average at keeping their opponents off the foul line

Finally, a few individual highlights from Miami’s roster:


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