Who Leads the Atlanta Hawks in Scoring?

The Atlanta Hawks are going to play the final two-thirds of the season without their best player, big man Al Horford.  It’s no surprise that Hawks power forward Paul Millsap has played a bigger role in their offense during the absence of Horford.  When playing together Millsap took 13 shots/game, this has increased to 15 since Horford went down with the injury.

The major change in coach Mike Budenholzer’s front-court since late December has been the emergence of Mike Scott.  The second year player out of Virginia scored 7 points per night when Horford was healthy.  His minutes per game jumped from 13 to 22 with their star sidelined.

Mike Scott’s scoring production has been so good that over the full season he averages 20 points per 36 minutes.  This is one more point than Millsap, two more than point guard Jeff Teague and seven more than Kyle Korver averages.

Finally, Scott has equaled Horford in points/minute and true shooting percentage this season.


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