Indiana Pacers: As If They Needed a Defensive Boost

Frank Vogel coaches the NBA’s best defensive team.  The Indiana Pacers lead the league in 2-point field goal percentage allowed and defensive rebounding.  Not resting on his laurels Larry Bird, President of Basketball Operations, has seen to it that the rich get richer.

The Miami Heat can’t be thrilled to hear the news that Andrew Bynum is going to Indianapolis to back-up center Roy Hibbert.  Why?  Because in his 24 games played with Cleveland this year Bynum was a tremendous defensive presence.  According to he was the third best rim protector in the NBA.  Opponents connected on only 38% of their close shot attempts when up against Bynum.

Roy Hibbert has more playing time and blocks than Bynum this year but as good as he is opponents connect on 41% of their close attempts against the former Georgetown Hoya.  Vogel’s other center Ian Mahinmi has allowed 43%.  Finally, Pacers power forward David West allows 48%.

If Frank Vogel and Larry Bird can get Andrew Bynum in shape and focused, the Indiana Pacers defense is one of the best we have seen in our lifetime.


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