Giving Kris Humphries His Due

The Boston Celtics most productive player this season has been Kris Humphries.  That might sound a little strange but according to he is posting a +5 Simple Rating this year, in the same league as Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap.

Since Brad Stevens’ team is loaded with power forwards the former Golden Gopher provides rest for Brandon Bass and Jared Sullinger.  A quick and dirty comparison between the three follows.

Rebounds/36 minutes: Humphries – 11, Sullinger – 11, Bass – 8

True Shooting Percentage: Humphries – 57%, Bass – 54%, Sullinger – 49%

Blocked Shots: Bass – 48, Humphries – 40, Sullinger – 25

Personal Fouls: Sullinger – 157, Bass – 123, Humphries – 80

and finally, Player Efficiency Rating: Humphries – 19, Sullinger – 17, Bass – 15


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