Los Angeles Lakers: Inside Scoring Attack

The Lakers have three big men capable of scoring inside.  Pau Gasol is their obvious threat (19 points/36 mins).  Mike D’Antoni also has back-up center Chris Kaman (18 pts/36) and power forward Jordan Hill (16 pts) at his disposal.

Kaman and Hill play between 17 and 20 minutes per night while Pau plays 32.  The three bigs score roughly the same amount of points but Gasol plays the most minutes and has the lowest True Shooting Percentage (51%).

Zooming in on inside scoring skills using NBA.com’s shot charts we see more separation between the three. Gasol makes 53% of his inside shot attempts (less than 8 feet from the basket).  Chris Kaman converts on 55% of his close attempts.  Finally Jordan Hill makes 61% of his close shots!

It’s not like Hill only takes easy layups, he makes nearly 6 close shots/36 minutes.  Just from a volume scoring perspective Hill is better than teammates Wesley Johnson and Ryan Kelly.  Also per shot attempt Jordan Hill gets to the foul line much more frequently than Gasol and Kaman.

The bottom line is that LA needs help scoring.  Playing Jordan Hill boosts their inside scoring presence.


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