Brooklyn Nets: J-Kidd’s Triple Threat Point Guard is Back

Jason Kidd and the Brooklyn Nets are 3-0 since getting point guard Deron Williams back last week.  Backup Shaun Livingston is still playing 20 minutes/night thanks to his ability to guard multiple positions.

As Kidd knows Livingston bests Williams by a nice margin in rebounds, steals and blocks.  Looking at their “On/Off” defensive rating provides more evidence of the variance:

  • Williams on court: BRK allows 108 points/100 possessions
  • Livingston on court: BRK allows 105 points/100 poss.

As is also well know, D-Will is a great offensive player.  The Nets are 8 points better/100 poss. on offense with Williams running point vs. the former #4 overall draft pick.  The big guards three point defensive advantage is outweighed by Deron’s great shooting, passing and ball handling.

Finally, Livingston has made four baskets all year outside of 16 feet.  Compare this to all that green on Williams shot chart…

Deron  Williams Jan 2014


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