Mark Jackson’s “X” Factor

Mark Jackson‘s Golden State Warriors are playing great basketball.  Offensively they are led by Stephen Curry who is a legit top-ten NBA player.  The former Davidson stud is going for 23 points and 9 assists per night.  Curry and back-court mate Klay Thompson are combining to make six three’s per game while connecting on an incredible 40% of their deep attempts.

Oakland’s defense anchored by center Andrew Bogut is even better than their scoring attack.  Overall the team is top-five in the league at preventing points while Bogut is dominating on the glass (30% Defensive Rebound Rate).

Finally, as far as lineups are concerned Jackson’s options have been pretty clear cut so far this year.  The Warriors two most commonly used lineups include Curry, Thompson, David Lee and Bogut.  Add in Andre Iguodala and this five man team has played nearly five hundred minutes and averaged 120 points/100 possessions.

Their sixth man Harrison Barnes is getting 30 minutes/night.  The UNC alum has played 269 minutes with Jackson’s first unit in place of Iguodala.  According to this one substitution has cost the Warriors 22 points/100 possessions.

In addition to Iggy’s wonderful defensive efforts he is doing a great job helping the offense flow through the young guards and David Lee.  If the ten-year veteran can stay healthy we could see Mark Jackson coaching in the NBA finals this year.


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