David Lee’s Don’t Grow On Trees

I feel like the Oakland Golden State Warriors get a bad wrap for the David Lee contract they agreed to four years ago.  At the time signing a guy to a 6-year, $80 million deal who averaged only 11 points per game in college and was drafted 30th overall sounded crazy.

The Warriors saw Lee as a 20 & 10 guy.  Is $13 million per year an overpay for the prime years of a 20/10 guy?  I think not.

So how has Lee paid off two-thirds through his monster deal?  Try 18 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists per game to go with 56% True Shooting.  Plus he was the second best player on a team that won 47 games and Oakland’s first playoff series since the Don Nelson era.

This year Mark Jackson has David Lee playing as a top-ten big guy in the NBA.  As per Boxscoregeeks.com Lee has more Wins Produced than Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan, Roy Hibbert, DeMarcus Cousins and Paul Millsap.  Would you say those guys are worth $13 million this year?


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