10-Day NBA Contract Watch: D.J. Stephens

Former Memphis Tigers guard D.J. Stephens is playing in Greece this season.  Video evidence shows Stephens as a high-flyer ala Dominique Wilkins.

At 6’5″ Stephens led Conference-USA in blocks during the 2013 season. He blocked 6 shots in a game twice despite playing fewer than 30 minutes in each contest.  At 7 rebounds/game the guard also led Memphis in rebounding by two per game.  The team’s 6’9″ combo inside players Shaq Goodwin and Tarik Black each averaged just below 5 rebounds/night.

To recap, at 6’5″ D.J. Stephens averaged 10 rebounds and 4 blocks/36 minutes played his senior year at Memphis.

Stephens seems like a great 10-day contract pickup in the NBA.  We may be looking at a future Clarence Weatherspoon or Terry Tyler type player.  If anyone has an update from Greece please share.  We need more D.J. Stephens…


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