Not In My House aka “The Charlotte Bismack’s”

I realize that a stat line of 2 assists and 16 turnovers is not overly impressive but the Charlotte Bobcats back-up center Bismack Biyombo is elite in one area.  Rim protection.  According to “Stats” at Bismack is holding opponents to 39% shooting at the rim*.

Coach Steve Clifford is running out an excellent defensive squad this season.  Al Jefferson and Biyombo are two of the twenty best defensive rebounders in the NBA.  Clifford’s back-court of Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson are both wonderful rebounding guards.  Throw in back-up power forward Jeff Adrien (12 rebounds, 2 blocks/36 minutes) and the Bobcats defense may drag their very limited offense to a playoff spot this year.

*Andrew Bynum and Taj Gibson are the two best “Rim Protectors” in the NBA this year (38% opponents FG)



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