The Rarified Shot Blocking Area Code

The Milwaukee Bucks standout second year big man John Henson will celebrate his 23rd birthday on Saturday.  When he came out of North Carolina NBA teams viewed him as a defensive and rebounding specialist.  When the Bucks picked him 14th in the 2012 draft it seemed reasonable.  His rookie season Henson proved to be a below average shooter (50% True Shooting) but awesome rebounder (13 rebs/36 mins).  He was a decent shot blocker who got into some foul trouble.

Coming into this year Milwaukee hoped for an improvement but no one banked upon the strides Henson would take under new coach Larry Drew. His minutes have doubled this year while his scoring has maintained (16 points/36 mins each year).  Key improvements have come in his shooting (54% TS) and ball handling (more assists and fewer turnovers).  The only part of his game to decline at all is his offensive rebounding though Henson is still leading the team in O-Rebs.

Last but not least John Henson’s shot blocking totals have gone through the roof.  Seemingly overnight he has become one of the top five shot blockers in the league equaling his outstanding college record of 2.5 blocks/game.  The final component that coach Drew must be happy about is that Henson is committing 25% fewer fouls while raising his block totals.

Nearly all post defenders commit more fouls than blocked shots. As a second year player John Henson is nearly one-to-one (63 fouls-to-62 blocks).  The “more blocks than fouls” territory is inhabited only by Anthony Davis and Tim Duncan.  Could John Henson become the third member of this elite group of rim defenders?


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