Meet James Anderson Former 12th Man

James Anderson was a second team All-American for the Oklahoma State Cowboys back in 2010.  During his junior year in the Big Twelve Anderson dropped 22 points a night to go along with 6 rebounds.

I saw him play in person against Avery Bradley and the Texas Longhorns that year and he showed legit NBA talent.  Anderson looked to be a few years away from a sixth man on an average pro team.  When the Spurs chose him with the 20th pick in the draft that June it sounded right to me.

After three NBA seasons Anderson averaged only 39 games per year while on the floor just 11 minutes/night.  Further he had been waived by three teams in less than two years coming into this season.  It looked like he was going to be another excellent college player who never panned out in The Association.

That was until the Philadelphia 76’ers “decided to tank” this year.  They dropped $1.9 million on James Anderson this summer in return for 164 games from the former first round pick.

Then things got really good for J.A. when Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets came to town this week.  The guy had played 124 games without scoring twenty points so I wouldn’t expect Kevin McHale and Dwight Howard to game plan around Anderson.  Through they should have.

James Anderson dropped 36 points on Houston in an OT win for the now 5-4 76’ers.  He shot an outstanding 12-of-16 from the floor and committed zero turnovers in 44 minutes.  Nice game James!


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