Dennis Rodman’s Off The Charts Rebounding

The 1995 San Antonio Spurs advanced to the Western Conference Finals before losing to Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets.  The story for San Antonio that playoff season was “The Worm” aka Dennis Rodman.

In 14 playoff games against Denver, LA and Houston the Spurs power forward averaged 33 minutes/night. Dennis Rodman averaged 5 Offensive Rebounds and 10 Defensive Rebounds per game during the playoffs.

Overall, Rodman grabbed 26% of the rebounds that were available during his time on the floor over these 14 games.  For comparison, teammate and all-time great center David Robinson pulled down 17% of his available rebounds.

Dikembe Mutombo pulled 14% of the rebounds available to him in the ’95 playoffs.  Lakers big man Vlade Divac procured 13% of his potential rebounds.  Finally, Hakeem Olajuwon himself pulled 14% of rebounds during the Rockets 1995 NBA championship run.

Dennis Rodman was essentially twice as good a rebounder as Divac, Mutombo and Olajuwon in the ’95 playoffs.


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