The Brutally Average Dallas Mavericks

The 2013 Dallas Mavericks are 30-34.  They rank 17th of 30 NBA teams in both offense and defense.  Coach Rick Carlisle has the benefit of having a league average player at all 5 positions.

According to the production that Carlisle receives from each of his five positions ranks between 13th-18th among all NBA clubs.  The Maverick players with the most minutes played are O.J. Mayo and Darren Collison.  Their Simple Ratings are +1 and -1 respectively.

The teams most productive player on a per minute basis is former lottery draft pick Brandan Wright.  The 6’9″ forward is posting a 21 Player Efficiency Rating and +6 Simple Rating as per  Over the Mavs last 6 games Wright is averaging 12 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks in just 25 minutes played.  His 67% field goal shooting during this time surely boosts his productivity numbers.

The only other Maverick with a Simple Rating >1 is Vince Carter.  At +6 SR the former high flyer has been quite under-rated as of late.  Carter has benefited greatly from playing with Collison and Mayo as proven by his career high 58% True Shooting this year in Dallas.


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