Dissecting the Chicago Bulls Awesome Defense

The Chicago Bulls are clearly a top-5 defense in the NBA.  One of their strong points has been the unheralded perimeter defense.  The Bulls guards hold their opponents to the lowest effective FG% in the NBA (compiled by 82games.com).  Of course their interior defense very much helps the overall Bulls team defense but I am still curious who is causing all these guards to miss shots.

The Bulls have two point guards and two shooting guards who all play between 22-29 minutes/night.  Let’s compare their opponents eFG% by position.  For comparison the NBA average guard shoots 49% eFG.

PG: Nate Robinson – 44%

PG: Kirk Hinrich – 47%

SG: Marco Belinelli – 47%

SG: Richard Hamilton – 46%

Three of four Bulls guards do not block many shots but all four manage to hold their opponents to below league average shooting.  Nate has just 8 blocks this entire season.  Belinelli and Hamilton have combined for 10 blocks while Hinrich himself has 22.  In fact Kirk Hinrich is tied for 8th best in the NBA in Block% among guards in 2013 with a career high 1.3 BLK%.

Nate Robinson has been a total lock-down defender this season.  Unless you watch a lot of Bulls games it’s hard to appreciate solid face-to-face perimeter defense.  The awesome rejection in the highlight reel above is one such lazy-man’s way to appreciate his defense.


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