The ‘Pre-Triangle’ Bill Cartwright

One of Tyson Chandler‘s most similar players include former Knickerbocker Bill Cartwright (according to Basketball-Reference).  Chandler is a very good rebounder, super efficient scorer and good shot blocker.  These are the three essential skills of a true center.

Many young folks may not be aware of the three-time NBA champion center Bill Cartwright.  Perhaps he is remembered best for being the starting big man on the Chicago Bulls first three title teams but he did have a terrific career before being traded to the Bulls for Charles Oakley.

Cartwright’s first 7 seasons with the Knicks saw him average 17 points/game.  Not only was he the team’s leading scorer his first two seasons as a pro but he posted a 62% True Shooting over these 7 years.  His TS% ranked in the top-10 in the NBA each of his first 7 seasons.  In comparison Chandler is a career 62% True Shooter while averaging just 9 points/game.

Cartwright essentially had two careers, one as a key offensive component to perennial playoff teams and a second as a lane clogging center for a three-peat NBA champion.


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