Derrick Williams is Getting Better, But Don’t Tell A Soul

Minnesota Timberwolves 8th man Derrick Williams has improved his game but please don’t tell anyone.  Coach Rick Adelman is trying to keep this a secret.

The #2 overall draft pick from two years ago has boosted his scoring, rebounding and defensive game in 2013 despite playing just 17 minutes/night.  Williams Simple Rating System from has jumped from negative three points in his rookie year to plus 3 in his second season.

Adelman has been playing with a big front-court all season so it may be hard for the tweener Williams to get in with Kevin Love, AK47 and Peko playing big minutes ahead of him.  Though 82games tells us that Williams has been awesome in limited time at back-up center for Minnesota.

He has a 25 PER at C while his opponent is contributing a very average 16 PER.  It appears that his quickness is paying off against bigger, slower pivot men out west.

Derrick Williams 48-Minute Production by Position

Position FGA eFG% FTA Reb Blk Pts PER*
SF 14.3 0.563 3.6 8.9 0 17.9 9.1
PF 19.1 0.434 7.9 12.1 1.2 22.4 14.4
C 19.8 0.680 7.1 10.3 4.8 32.5 25.6

Derrick Williams Opponent Counterpart 48-Minute Production

Position FGA eFG% FTA Reb Blk Pts PER*
SF 17.9 0.600 0 7.2 1.8 21.5 13.6
PF 16.6 0.329 3.8 13.2 2 13.3 9.4
C 12.7 0.500 2.4 11.9 3.2 15 16.4

Notice the huge advantages by Williams in shooting, drawing fouls and even shot blocking.

His best game of this young season was an OT loss against Golden State in November (before Love came back).  Williams was the game’s high scorer with 23 points on just 16 attempts.  He connected on 6 of his 10 shots from sixteen feet out.  The game plan was run Derrick around the perimeter and let David Lee, Carl Landry and Festus Ezeli try to chase him around.

He was super on defense as well blocking 4 Warriors shots while committing just 1 foul.


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