Ersan Ilyasova’s December Bounceback

Now that the Milwaukee Bucks have played two full months we can address an early season stumbling block for the team.  The Bucks won 7 of 14 games in November while Ersan Ilyasova struggled the entire month.  He scored more than 11 points in just one of his 13 games.  For the month he averaged 7 PTS/game and 0.8 PTS/Shot.  Considering his awesome performance last season (13 PPG and 1.3 P/S) the beginning to Ersan’s season was a disaster.

Fast forward 30 days and the story is much brighter for Bucks fans.  The team went 9-6 in December and Ilyasova provided a much needed boost on offense.  In his 15 games played in December he averaged 11 PPG and 1.3 P/S.  He topped 11 points in 6 December games.

Milwaukee still ranks 25th in the NBA in offense but they could improve swiftly if Ilyasova and Monta Ellis play to their full potential.  They certainly need them to if Scott Skiles and Co. desire the 6th or 7th playoff spot in the East which is required to avoid playing Miami in the first round.


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