It’s Kevin Durant’s MVP to lose

25 games into the 2013 NBA season the best player on the best team is Kevin Durant.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are the top offensive team in the league while ranking 10th in defense.  KD is playing 40 mins/game and scoring 28 points while averaging career highs in rebounds (9) and assists (4).  His 1.6 Points/Shot is up from a career average of 1.4.

Durant has also helped turn an already highly efficient Kevin Martin into one of the three most efficient scorers in the NBA.  Martin’s career high 65% True Shooting is matched only by Durant’s own 65% and Tyson Chandler‘s off the charts 72%.  In Martin’s defense he does score 3 more points/game than the Knicks center.

Back to Durant, he is second on OKC in blocks and steals while leading the entire league in free throws.  He leads the NBA in win shares while ranking 2nd in PER (less than 1 point behind King James).

If Miami starts to play some defense then we can include James in the MVP discussion but for now it’s Kevin Durant’s award to lose.


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