Move without the basketball kids

The 2012 version of the Miami Heatles are leading the NBA in FG%, 3PT FG%, FTM and PPG (104).  They are no doubt the best offensive team in the league (110 Off Rating through 31 games).

The usual suspects have been tremendous for them but so has the oft overlooked swingman Mike Miller.  In the 19 games he’s appeared Miami is 16-3.  Digging deeper into his playing time further proves his value.  In the 10 games Miller has played 20+ minutes the Heat are undefeated.  In the 10 games Mike has taken 4+ shots the Heat are undefeated.

One example of getting Miller involved in the offense was the Jan 17 victory over the Spurs.   South Dakota’s native son played 15 mins and hoisted 6 shots.  6 shots from beyond the arc, 6 makes from beyond the arc, 18 points.

Of course LeBron drawing attention helps Miller immensely but I believe that was the entire game-plan Riley envisioned when he signed the sharpshooter.

The Heat are the best team in the NBA but of course no one will care unless they sweep the league in the playoffs.


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