“Poetry in Motion”, an open court basketball clinic

Early in the 3rd quarter LA is up by 19!  I contemplate turning it off.  Turn it off?  Why don’t you just fast-forward, this is YouTube you fool.  Fortunately Dr. J starts to get involved for the Sixers scoring three straight baskets including two dunks bringing Philly within 11 before the final period.

The shadows of Elgin Baylor’s high-wire act would affect Dick Stockton on this night as Julius flaunts the open court game like only Elgin could…

The rest of the game is worth viewing as well.  If it weren’t for careless passes by Erving and Caldwell Jones in the last few minutes Philly could have pulled within three points and knotted the series at two.  Going back home and feeling good they would be favored to take the series lead in Game 5.  That’s how fine this game is when two highly efficient offenses square off.  Mistakes are few and far between.

With Wilkes, Kareem, Magic and McAdoo each netting 19-24 points plus Nixon and Magic combining for 21 assists and only 2 turnovers the Lakers prove impossible to guard on the break or in the half-court.  Let’s hope the Philly defense has better luck at The Spectrum on Sunday night.


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