for you kids at home, Michael Cooper was an athlete!

Despite giving up 6″ Lionel Hollins is doing a great job keeping Magic outside the paint.  The only problem is Magic has a bird’s eye view to the open man.

Did I mention we have athletes?  Toney takes a 18 footer thinking he has space to get it off but Rambis makes a great play to deflect it to Michael Cooper who stands 7 feet behind him.  Then in one motion Cooper jumps 3 feet off the ground to secure the ball and make a pinpoint pass 30 feet on a line to Rambis breaking to the Lakers basket for two.  Wow!!  Watch it here @ 4:15…

Lakers defense triggering their offense.  Up 11 with 9:34 left.

Magic with a reverse layup.  Looking for another triple-double.  LA leading 114-100.  Philly better start playing tenacious D.

1:58 left LA’s lead now 11.  Billy Cunningham calls a TO and sets the offensive play.  Toney playing point guard passes it into Steve Mix and he bounces the ball off his foot.  Turnover & ballgame.  Nixon and Wilkes get player of the game honors as each goes for 24 points and 10 (reb for Wilkes and ast for Nixon).  LA steals one in The Spectrum as Pat Riley notches his first ever Finals victory at the ripe old age of 37.


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