live blogging the 1982 NBA Finals

Keeping with my obsessive personality, my new goal is to watch every NBA Finals game prior to 1993.

Live Blog – Part 1

It’s 12:21 AM on July 16, 2011 here in the Capitol of Texas and 8:07 pm on May 27, 1982 in Philadelphia, let’s get started with the tip of Game 1….

1st Qtr – We have a very aggressive Julius Erving taking it to the rim on 3 early possessions.  Dick Stockton tells us that Dr. J’s “belly is burning for the ring”.  Do ABA rings not count?

2nd Qtr – We have athletes!!  The Lakers run the “Coop-aloop” as Michael goes back door and catches a lob pass from Norm Nixon to slam home.  Back-and-forth game.

Kareem rejecting Andrew Toney into the fifth row.  Even with Bill Russell doing the color commentary these guys don’t block it to their team-mates.

Sweet, a little early Showtime Lakers feel with Cooper, Nixon and Wilkes running the fast break to perfection.

Kareem another block on Caldwell Jones.  At 35 years old the Power Memorial product could still get the top of the box!

Mo Cheeks was a FAST MAN!  Like Devin Harris on the Mavs.  Wow!

The Doctor with a fast break dunk.  The Philly crowd is pumped.  Then he finds the offensive glass and converts a follow-up stuff.  He’s got 14 points.

Timeout.  There is a midget on the Sixers bench!  Wait is that a trainer???

LA down by 11 at halftime.  “A big lead of 10 or 12 points is not that meaningful unless it’s at the end of the game” -Dick Stockton

From the rafters an 18 year-old Brent Musberger impersonator chat’s with Hubie Brown and Kevin Loughery.  Did you know the alternate title to this blog was “Respect Hubie Brown”.  He is lots of fun.


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